Our livestream studio packages are already well equipped. We offer some great additions to these packages. Completely customise the studio to your wishes.


Livestream Studio Camera

Depending on the choice of studio package, two or three camera’s are included in the studio. But we can imagine you like to increase the number of camera positions.

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Livestream Studio Slider

When you are after a super dynamic livestream, the use of a camera slider will come in handy. Next to your regular pan and tilt movements, you can also alter the position of the camera.

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Livestream Studio Opname

Do you like to have the livestream avialable to you after it has aired? To distribute it to viewers that werent able to watch it live? Then adding a recording functionality to your livestream studio package is essential.

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Livestream Studio Laptop

All our studio packages include one laptop for PowerPoint presentation or Keynote. Do you like to have more laptops available on site? Read more.

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Livestream Studio Autocue

Want to leave nothing to chance? Do the presentations have to be spot on and don’t want to leave out any of the specific lines you want to present? Then an autocue is essential.

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Livestream Studio Vormgeving

A live stream only really gets it’s look when equipped with a fitting leader, bumper and closing credits. A holistic package where the design is standardized throughout the presentation.

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Livestream Studio 3

During a debate or a formal presentation, a lectern with a high-quality finish is an essential item. You can place your notes or digital readers on it for support.

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Livestream Studio Parkeren

Will you be traveling by car to one of our studio locations? Then book your parking space in advance. You will be able to park your vehicle indoors and safe at the location of the livestream studio.

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Hotel Room

Livestream Studio Hotelkamer

Do you want to enjoy a well-deserved night’s rest after a day of hard work in our livestream studio or do you happen to have a consecutive livestream the next day? Then do not forget to add a hotel room to your package.

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Livestream Studio Lunch

A day full of rehearsals, recordings or livestreams takes a lot out of you. How wonderful would it be when there is a fully served lunch of unprecedented quality prepared for you?

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Livestream Studio Diner

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to close off an exciting day at our livestream studio together with your crew and enjoying a wonderful meal? Well, then don’t forget to add dinner to your livestream package.

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