Want to leave nothing to chance? Do the presentations have to be spot on and don’t want to leave out any of the specific lines you want to present? Then an autocue is essential.

You probably heard this term before. At the news broadcast, weather forecast and large TV shows, it’s a common occurrence. Without an autocue its hard to keep the presentation organized. This autocue technology can now also be added to your livestream studio for your online event. Never again that embarrassing moment of forgetting your lines. Just the relief of having an autocue or teleprompter available alone makes everything runs smoother.

What is an autocue?

An autocue or teleprompter is in the essence not much more than a screen that displays your lines. Often your lines are displayed on a horizontally positioned screen that reflects to a mirror. The presenter reads the lines of the mirror. The autocue is often positioned onto the stand of the camera. That way the presenter always looks straight into the camera when reading the lines.

If you like to add an autocue system to the livestream studio package, then we make sure an operator is included. The operator makes sure that the lines are loaded and controls the speed of the lines based on the reading speed of the presenter. This process gets adjusted moment by moment, so that the speed of the lines are always convenient for the presenter.


Depending on the setup of the livestream studio you can decide how many autocue’s are needed for your online conference or webinar. If only the host needs an autocue, than one is sufficient. Do you have multiple speakers that all address one specific camera than you need an autocue per speaker. This keeps the broadcast running smooth and gives it an dynamic atmosphere.

Adding an autocue with operator to your livestream studio is possible from €500,- onwards. Placing an extra autocue is possible from €100,- onwards. Want to know more about this technology? Contact our livestream experts. They are happy to help you making the right choices for your online event.