Comfort Monitor

Organizing a webinar or online presentation? Then it’s very likely that you like to use a PowerPoint presentation. A quick peak at the PPT during your presentation is preferable at times.

Nobody wants to have a blackout during a presentation. A quick peak at the comfort monitor to pick up the thread again is what you want in that scenario. Comfort monitors may be a standard feature during an offline event. In the online world they are not that common. Not to worry tho. We made it easy to add a comfort monitor to your livestream studio package.

What’s included in the package?

A laptop with comfort monitor to display your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation has already been included in the package. The presentation can be played and viewed via the livestream. As presenter you will also have this image available to you. This enables you to look straight into the camera improving the engagement with your audience.

Of course you are also free to get other content than the PPT displayed on the comfort monitor. Maybe you like to have the livestream feed shown to you during your presentation. This is up to you.
The last mentioned option is specifically recommendable when presenting in front of a green screen. As you then can see the background that will be projected behind you.

Extra Comfort Monitor

So why is there an option for an additional comfort monitor available? Sometimes there is the need to display more on the comfort monitor than what’s possible with just the one monitor. Think of options like, the next slide or notes. Or maybe you like to have the PPT and the feed display available to you.

Do you like to add an additional comfort monitor? This option is already available starting at €75,-.