Countdown Timer

Delay, a common phenomenon. A speaker that takes longer for it’s session than initially planned. To manage the allocated time, a countdown timer may be of great help.

Do I Need it?

That’s the one million dollar question. It’s easy to come up with thousands of reasons why a countdown timer works wonders to streamline your livestream, webinar or hybrid event. Theoretically you would also be able to do the same with a regular watch, no? Well, not quite. Our countdown timer works with a control panel that is positioned at the event producer or moderator’s desk. He or she can decide what the allocated time per speaker is. The speaker or presenter can always see the countdown timer. This object we place close the preview monitor, and is thus always in sight. Now the presenter always knows the time that’s left for his or her presentation.

Countdown Timer Features

Often the countdown timer is used for just the one thing. Counting down. However, if needed this device can also count up or display the actual time. More importantly, the countdown timer also has a traffic light functionality. The digits on the clock can be displayed in green, orange and red. It’s up to the operator to decide when a certain color becomes active. This enables the presenter, even without actually checking the timer to get a good idea on how much time is left. Green can be the indicator for enough time, or on schedule. Orange for approaching the end of the time slot. And red as indicator that time is up and things need to come to a close.

After you have decided on the Livestream Studio Amsterdam package you like to book. You can simply add the countdown timer to your package. We offer this great functionality already from €95,-. Looking for even more presenter assistance add-ons? Check out our preview monitor and autocue options.