A live stream only really gets it’s look when equipped with a fitting leader, bumper and closing credits. A holistic package where the design is standardized throughout the presentation.

Of course you can just start-off your livestream or online event. Jump straight into the story. But chances are that you are missing out on the first seconds of the presentation getting acquainted to the setting. Proper design and editing make sure that this does not happen.

Leader, Bumpers & Credits

Start your livestream with an appealing leader. A 30 second visual appealing video with uplifting music. This gets the attention of the viewers. After the leader we switch to the studio and the presenter can start his or her story. The experience with leader video will be completely different than without.

And what about adding a bumper? A short video between 2 and 15 seconds which you can use as the glue between the different segments of your broadcast. The viewer gets to be aware a new item of the broadcast is about to start when the bumper has been played. Ideal when switching presentations, interview session or as allocated time to switch table guests.

To finish of the perfect livestream, a run of credits can’t be left out. This is a ‘thank you’ to the organization, panel members, presenters and viewers. Moreover it also clearly indicates that the livestream has come to an end.

Design of Graphics

There is more! Unknowingly you probably have witnessed this during broadcasts on the television. A logo of the broadcast station or organization in the top left or top right corner. The ideal tool to create more synergy at an online event.

Another great option is adding lower thirds to your livestream session. This is a bar – which has a height of no more than one third of the screen – at which the name and function of the speaker is displayed. Ideal to create more attention value for guest speakers.

This design module is an add-on to your studio package. Depending on your wishes and level of design needed you can add this option from €50,- onwards. As design costs greatly vary per livestream, we recommend to contact us for an accurate costing for your event. Feel free to reach out for more information.