Wouldn’t it be fantastic to close off an exciting day at our livestream studio together with your crew and enjoying a wonderful meal? Well, then don’t forget to add dinner to your livestream package.

What could be better than finishing the day with the people involved whilst enjoying a warm and qualitative meal. Discussing the online event and the proceedings of the day with the speakers. Perhaps you need to evaluate some points with them or with your crew. All this is so much more pleasant with a delightful dinner.

Excellent Quality

Since our studio locations use the facilities of a hotel, you can also benefit from this. From the possibility of parking on site, to top-level catering. Our studio packages include a four-hour coffee and tea arrangement. Lunch and dinner are not included but can be added to your livestream package. You don’t have to worry that you will be served with unhealthy fast-food or a reheated meal. No, only a fantastic fully served dinner. Healthy, Nutritious and re-energizing. You only want the best for your guest and crew, right?

Dietary Wishes

Should we take into account any diet wishes or allergies? No problem! Let us know your wishes and we will arrange accordingly so that everyone can enjoy a delicious dinner.

Do you like to opt for a catered lunch instead of a dinner? We will be happy to provide you a lovely lunch so you can keep your focus at the goings in the livestream studio. The catering will be fully taken care of.

Do you want to know more regarding food and drinks at our studio locations? Feel free to contact us via the form you find below or via the contact page. We are happy to be of service.