Discussion Table

Do you expect extensive discussions during your livestream event? Then make use of our discussion table so your guests can have a comfortable sit.

Livestream events can be experienced as very static due to lengthy conversations and discussions. A discussion table can then help to provide a comfortable setting which looks appealing to the viewers.


A cup of coffee, a glass of water, a laptop or a program of the show. It would be nice if you could put these items in front of you, especially if you use your hands a lot during conversations or discussions. Of course, it does not have to be an object that is actively used by the participant. It can also be an object to add more atmosphere to the show such as a plant, art or a tablecloth.

Appearance Discussion Table

Not only the functional use of a discussion table is an essential aspect during a livestream, also the shape has an important function. Talk shows such as The Daily Show and The View are excellent examples where the shape of a discussion table is shown. The shape provides different possibilities on how participants can discuss with each other. For example, face to face at a rectangular table or in a circle at a round table.

Also, it is important to include where you want to place the host. Centrally between the guests or at the head of the table? Important questions that we are happy to help you with.

Fitting décor

Are you curious what would be the best choice for a discussion table for your livestream? With our expertise, we will help you to make the right decision for a suitable décor for your livestream event. Rather need a different type of furniture for your livestream? Then you can choose to add one or more excellent lecterns to the studio.

You can add a discussion table to your package from €400,-.