Depending on the choice of studio package, two or three camera’s are included in the studio. But we can imagine you like to increase the number of camera positions.

Whether you do, depends on the type of event, the number of presenters, the setup and of course your own preferences. But first an introduction about the camera’s. In our livestream studio we use the renowned PTZ camera’s of Panasonic. These camera’s can, with the use of a special controller, be controlled by a single video engineer. No longer the need for a camera operator per camera and thus less technicians in the studio but more importantly, the costs decrease significantly.


With the help of this special controller many functionalities of the camera can be controlled remotely. Among these functionalities, ‘pan’ which moves the camera’s left and right, and ‘tilt’ which moves the camera up and down. With these options a few camera’s capture the whole studio. When a presenter moves his chair a few inches to the left or right, no problem. The camera gets adjusted to the new position within the blink of an eye. Besides pan and tilt, there is also control over zoom, focus and the iris. Enabling the technician to zoom in and zoom out. The sharpness and brightness levels can be adjusted to the studio environment.

So the camera’s can move. At least the head of the camera can be set exactly so that the shot is perfect. Physically the camera doesn’t move in the studio. Do you however like to add to the dynamic of the set? In that we also offer to add a special slider system. This enables the camera to also change position physically.

Adding a camera to the set

When is necessary to add a camera to your studio package? A fair question, but not the easiest question to answer. Are you looking to continuously switch between the general overview of the studio and the close-up of all individual presenters? In that case it is easy. Take the number of presenters and add the general overview camera. However, bear in mind that this formula only applies when all the presenters are presenting at the same time.

To answer the question whether an additional camera is of the essence for your online or hybrid event, we are inviting you to contact us. We are happy to listen to your ideas and elaborate on how we make sure this to be the perfect livestream. Adding a camera to your package is, depending on your wishes, available from €150,- upwards.