Green Screen

Do you like to decide what background your livestream has? With a green screen you can have the background completely according to your wishes.

Before, this technology was only used in the Hollywood video studio’s, but due to great technological innovation, this is now also available in smaller setups. The green chroma key background enables you to remove the original background and replace is with the background of your choice.

This opens doors for livestream and online events. You can now create a virtual studio at almost any location. The presenter stands for a large green backdrop, but viewers of the livestream see the background that you have chosen. With the right content and expertise of our livestream crew almost anything is possible.

The great benefit of this technology is that you can adjust the background to the theme of your presentation. News organizations around the world have been using this technology for years. For example, the weather forecast is always presented in front of a green screen, but as viewer at home you probably haven’t noticed this. This same technology is now available as add-on to your livestream studio package.

Green Screen Points of Attention

When you decide to use a chromakey curtain, there are some points of attention. The first being, that your presenter can’t wear anything green. When the background is removed by the computer, the green color is basically removed and replaced with the new background. So if you wear anything green as presenter, this gets mixed up with the background projection. Another great point of attention is lighting. Reflection on a green screen is simply not done, as that affects the green color needed for computer editing.

Livestream Studio Amsterdam has a great backdrop at all the different packages. But now it’s also possible to add a greenscreen to your setting. Let us know your green screen plans for your online event and we are happy to talk you through all technical matters that need to be addressed. A chromakey can be added starting at €120,-. More technology may be needed depending on your wishes.