All our studio packages include one laptop for PowerPoint presentation or Keynote. Do you like to have more laptops available on site? Read more.

More laptops, why? A thought you might have. We are happy to run you to all the applications for which you may need an extra laptop for your broadcast or recording. All our livestream and hybrid packages have one laptop included. This laptop is in the essence meant for running a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. But maybe you like to utilize it for something else.

Software Laptop

You may wonder, if you rent an additional laptop, if it has all the software you need. Well that depends. All our laptops are equipped with a Microsoft Office package with Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Other software is not installed. All the additional software you may need can be installed on the laptop.

Are you looking to use the laptop for Zoom, Teams or Skype purposes? Please bear in mind that more is needed than only the laptop. Some additional audio and video equipment is needed to integrate this into the studio package. If you like to know more about this, please check the addition.

Rather a MacBook?

Do you rather have an Apple MacBook instead of this Windows laptop? No problem! MacBooks are often used for stable and reliable video presentations. An extra laptop of MacBook can be added to your livestream package from €50,-.