During a debate or a formal presentation, a lectern with a high-quality finish is an essential item. You can place your notes or digital readers on it for support.

But not only for support, it is also to the look and feel of your livestream, webinar or online event. For example, a large sofa or lounge chairs usually appear informal. That is why you won’t see them often at a webinar, debate or discussion. They are more likely to used for a podcast, pub quiz or company drinks via an online stream. The furniture, the way the guests are seated all matter to how the viewers will perceive the event. Livestreams such as webinars or debates are more likely to be equipped with a discussion table or a standing setup. It provides more formality thus the viewer has a direct and clear impression of what they can expect.


As mentioned, a setup where the speakers and guests are sitting, will not contribute to the desired ambiance for serious topics however it can give the speakers more comfort during the livestream. This does not always have to be case though. A standing setting, with the help of a lectern, can give a speaker comfort as well. It will provide you the ease of a piece of furniture where you can place a glass of water, a tablet or a cheat sheet on. Speakers may not always want to admit it, but very often a standing setup will provide them with more confidence in front of the camera. Being able to stand behind a lectern adds to your feeling of security and therefore helps you to boost your presentational skills.

Would you like a lectern to match your event? That is certainly possible as we can equip our lecterns with stickers. This will give you the option of having your own company logo placed on the front of the lectern. You can also equip them with names at a discussion. The possibilities are endless.

Different Names

There are many several terms to describe a lectern. You probably have heard the terms reading desk or a podium? Both are also used to describe a lectern. Everybody probably has his own preference but they are all correct.

Are you in need of one or more lecterns for a debate or discussion? We are offering a lectern already from €40,-.