A day full of rehearsals, recordings or livestreams takes a lot out of you. How wonderful would it be when there is a fully served lunch of unprecedented quality prepared for you?

Catering is an underrated aspect within the event industry. Not only the host or the speakers, but also the editors and technicians will benefit from having sufficient energy. As a result, the productivity will be more efficient, people are more focused and will have high spirits. Characteristics which can improve the quality of an online event or livestream. This all makes a well arranged lunch essential for a good session in the livestream studio.

Unprecedented Quality

Since the location of our livestream studio is within a hotel, you can make use of their facilities. That doesn’t only apply to parking and the overnight stay. It also applies to the catering. In general, you will find each package with a four-hour coffee and thee serving. Lunch however is not included, but it can be added if desired. It will not be any unhealthy meal such as fast-food or reheat meal. Instead a delicious served lunch with sandwiches and soup. Nutritious, healthy and full of energy. An offer you want to take advantage of.

Specific Wishes

Are there guests or people of your livestream team with allergies or a special diet? Of course, we can arrangement any adjustment to the requirements. It is no problem to adjust the standard lunch. Vegetarian, vegan or perhaps a nut allergy? Not to worry. Our studio locations are gladly to take the wishes of their guests into consideration.

Will there be a livestream in the evening or is the schedule running over time? We are happy to provide a diner as well. It will enable you to have full focus on the livestream. The catering will be taken care of.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for catering on our studio location? Feel free to contact us via the form below or via our contact page. We are happy to be of service.