Will you be traveling by car to one of our studio locations? Then book your parking space in advance. You will be able to park your vehicle indoors and safe at the location of the livestream studio.

Are you planning to organize an online event at our livestream studio? Then it is good to know that not only technically everything is arranged down to the last detail. Matters such as hospitality and catering are also of the highest standard. It all starts with your arrival at the studio location. How wonderful would it be to, once you have arrived at the location, not worry about finding a parking space. Your car is well protected, indoor and not on the public road. Also the distance between your car and the studio is limited to the minimum. Isn’t this just a great way to get started with your online event experience?

Advantageous Parking Rates

You are probably familiar with it. Parking rates in the city are astronomical. Parking rates of €50,- to €80,- for a full day are unfortunately no exception in Amsterdam. Luckily that is not the case at our studio locations. Due to the use of the facilities of the hotel in combination with the rental of our studio, we can offer affordable parking.


It can occur that your schedule is getting packed with all matters regarding the livestream. In that case it can be comfortable that you don’t have to drive home after a full days work in the studio. Or maybe you have planned consecutive days in the livestream studio? Then it is good to know that besides the availability for parking, you can also make opt booking a hotelroom at our studio locations. Therefore you do not have to drive back home in the evening so you can start your preparations for the next day or completely unwind before you drive back home the next day.

Do you like know more about rates for parking or hotelrooms? Please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be pleased to get to know more about your plans for a livestream. Contact us via the form below or find the information on the contact page.