Do you like to have the livestream avialable to you after it has aired? To distribute it to viewers that werent able to watch it live? Then adding a recording functionality to your livestream studio package is essential.

Of course that’s something we can take care of. Also good to know is that you can also use our livestream studio’s for recording sessions. Meaning that you won’t air the stream live, but record it for distribution to your client base at a later moment. Online meetings, interviews and workshops can then all be added into one recording. This way you have full control over the content that you are gonna play for your audience. A great benefit is that you can edit the footage. Adding titles, logo’s and instarts to make one seamless and holistic video. When there is no direct interaction between the viewing audience and the presenters, it won’t be disavantagous that the stream isnt live.

How much will you record

A question we are likely to ask is: ‘What is it you like to record?’. This question has everything to do with the level of editing needed at the end of the recording. Often it’s sufficient to make a recording of the so called ‘program’. This is the signal that includes all switches. Thus including all switches between camera’s, presentations and instarts. This type of footage is perfect for referencing or to re-watch the broadcast. However bear in mind that this means that only the camera that is live at the moment of recording will be recorded.

If you like to have full access to all footage of the recording? Then a recording in ‘Iso’ is needed. Iso stands for ‘isolated’. This means that all camera’s individually will be recorded. At edditng you can decide what footage of what camera to use. You will have all the content available to you.

File Format Recording

Typically we will record in Apple ProRess format. This is raw video format which works great for editting programs such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Another benefit of this format type is that it will give you acces to brightness, colour and other settings whilst editting your footage. Something that you won’t be able to do when only recording an iso. Does you editor make use of the program Avid for edditing. Please let us know beforehand, so that we will record in the supported DNxHD format.

Like to know more about the option to record your livestream? Feel free to reach out. On of our project managers is happy to talk you through it. The recording add-on to your livestream studio package starts at €70,-.