Remote Speaker

Is one of presenters not physically able to make it to the livestream studio? Or you like to interactively include a viewer in the webcast?

This is all feasible. For presenters living abroad it’s not always possible for presenters to travel to the livestream studio. Conflicting schedules, a cancelled flight or travel simply being too costly. All can be reasons to prefer to present your presentation from the confines of your home.

Video Signals

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or Skype. All are options for remote speakers during your livestream. Bringing the signal is one thing. But the speaker also needs to receive an image feed from the studio. This so that the speaker can see the interviewer, have a discussion with an analist in the studio or purely so that he or she can see what the setting is like. Plenty of reason, but the baseline is that this adds to the quality and vibe of the overall presentation. For an interview with the host in the livestream studio it’s pleasant that the host can also see the remote speaker. That’s why this package also includes a foldback monitor. Now both the host and remote speaker can see each other. Making the livestream run smoother and better organized.

Audio Remote Speaker

Next to managing the video signals, we of course also facilitate the audio signals. The remote speaker can be heard in the online meeting or webinar but also needs to be heard in the studio. Otherwise the interview or discussion between host and remote speaker will be fairly difficult. Not too worry. This is something our technicians will take care of.

Do you like to have a remote speaker in your broadcast? Then adding this add-on to your livestream studio is essential. Starting of €160,- we offer all the additional audiovisual equipment and service needed for this purpose.