When you are after a super dynamic livestream, the use of a camera slider will come in handy. Next to your regular pan and tilt movements, you can also alter the position of the camera.

This is the pièce de résistance of camera technology in our studio. This slider is specifically designed to change the position of a PTZ camera. As you probably have already read on our website, we use this type of remotely operatable camera in our studio. This means less camera operators in the studio and lower costs for you the client. Not having a camera operator per camera means the camera’s are physically on a static position during your online meeting or webinar.

Moving Camera’s

You probably have seen manned camera’s placed on a dolly in a studio. This enables the operator to be easy move around on the studio floor to get to the perfect shot. Another option that you may have seen is the rails. With this option the camera moves down the tracks. Both options need a camera operator and person to move the camera dolly. This is very labor intensive and thus costly. That’s why we offer another, more affordable and innovative option in our studio.

Our Cameraslider

Our system makes use of a rails on which the remotely controllable camera is being placed. This rails – also called a slider – is electronically controllable. The operator thus not only controls the camera but also the rails itself. With this he is in full control over the camera shot without the need for additional crew. The camera slider can mounted at different heights, making it suitable for a sitting or standing setting in the studio. A camera slider can be added to your studio package from €200,- onwards. When you add a camera slider to your webinar or livestream, you can use one of the camera’s from the studio package for it. However most commonly an extra camera is being added. In this case you will also have to account for the costs of the extra camera.