Is the presentation been given in a language not all viewers can follow? Then adding subtitles to your livestream or recording can be the solution.

Maybe not your first thought when organizing an online event. But adding subtitles to your stream can improve the quality of your livestream. When your livestream reaches an international audience, but not all potential viewers speak the language used, can result in missed chances. Adding subtitles to the livstream gives the viewer the option to also visually follow the spoken word.

Direct or Edited Subtitles

Adding the subtitles can be done live, but also after the stream has aired. Adding subtitles live makes the stream directly available and thus easy to follow for your international audience. However this does increase the costs of your online event. The other option is to add the subtitles after the stream has aired. This is a good option when many viewers won’t follow the online event live.

Subtitles in a different language?

In some specific occasions it can be that the subtitles first have to be translated This can be for example the case when it regards an international corporate presentation or online conference. Imagine that the presenter in the studio presenters in Spanish. Then it’s likely you want to have the subtitles in another langue like English. This means that the content needs to be translated before it’s subtitled. This option is also available in a live scenario but is understandably of more costly then when edited afterwards.

Due to the large number of variables for this add-on we recommend to contact us for an accurate quote. Contact us for more information for subtitles at your livestream or online conference.