The Making Of

Do you want to give your audience a look behind the scenes? With adding the “Making Of” module you will receive a movie of the complete process from beginning till the end.

‘The making of’ is an after movie, or short documentary, of that what is happening behind the scenes during the recording and broadcasting of a livestream. The movie is produced by a film crew which operates on its own. However, the viewer won’t notice the camera crew is working at all. The making of is giving wonderful content which you can use for all kind of purposes. Depending on your wishes, we will make a suggestion on what actually is going to be processed in this ‘making of ‘movie. Therewith you will know in advance what the storyline will be and which you can adjust to your wishes.

Basically, you can instruct us to film everything for ‘the making of’ video. From buildup to dismantle, from arrival of the speakers to images of the studio. Even an impression of the editorial office or the preparations of the catering. Everything is possible.

Interview, Quotes & Insights

Compared to a livestream, an after movie has a different perspective. When watching the livestream, you won’t be noticing anything from behind the scenes. The ‘making of’ video is all about the magic that goes on there. Some excellent features you can choose for this mini documentary are quotes of speakers. Or what to think of an interview with the organizer of the livestream. Endless possibilities to build your own story.

Post Processing ‘The Making Of’

Once the recording of the livestream has finished we will process the content to a complete video. When desired, we can add the company’s identity to ‘the making of’ video. Also, the interviews and quotes can be edited with names and titles. All together will result in a
a professional video you will never forget.

Are you excited to know more about all the possibilities for a ‘the making of’ video at your livestream event? You can contact us directly via the form below or via our contact page. We will see you soon in “the making of”.