TV Screen

Like to add a TV screen to the backdrop of the livestream studio? No problem! TV screens from 40” to 75” can easily be added to your livestream studio package.

When you book a studio, the backdrop and audiovisual equipment is included. However, TV screens in the backdrop setting are not included in this package. Adding a TV screen with your logo or presentation to the setting can be great addition. Are you only looking to project your logo? In that case we also have an option to print this for you into a ‘customized backdrop’.

Dimensions TV screen

Did you decide to add a TV screen to the backdrop of your studio package? The next step is to decide how many screens you like to add. Depending on the setup one screen can be sufficient. However sometimes a symmetrical setup with two TV screens can be more preferable. Also the size of the TV screen matters. Where one large screen can suffice in some situations, two smaller screens can be an option in other scenarios.

We offer TV screens starting at 40”. This is often a size that’s comparable with a regular TV at home. Is this too small for your setup during your online conference or webinar? Then a 50” or 60” can be an option. Is the content shown on the screen a large aspect of the presentation? Then opting for the 75” would be wise. This is a TV screen with a screen diagonal from almost 2 meters.


Quantity and size of the screen(s) is important. But so is the content. Make sure enough thought has gone into the content you like to display. Displaying a logo, PowerPoint, or product video. It’s all possible.

Do you like to have some advise on how to integrate TV screens into the studio package? Let us know your plans and we are happy to help you. TV screens can already be added from €75,-.