Livestream Studio 1

This may be our most affordable livestream studio, but it is by no means lacking. This studio is equipped with all the features you need when organizing an online conference, webinar or presentation. A beautiful setting, professional video technology, atmospheric lighting, crystal clear audio and a qualified technician are all included with this studio.

But wait- there’s more! In addition to the rental of the studio and its technology, a complete hospitality package is included in the rental price. Would you like to know exactly what this studio comes with? What is included in the price and what you may need to add to this package? Read on for more information.


This package comes standard with 2 cameras. These cameras are controlled remotely using a special controller. This allows one technician to control multiple cameras simultaneously. This reduces the number of people in the studio and therefore also the costs. Convenient, right? Besides switching between the two cameras, the technician can also include a PowerPoint presentation in the stream. All facilities for playback and display are included in the package. There is also a presentation clicker and monitor for the speaker. Nothing will get in the way of the speaker giving a flawless presentation.

High-quality microphones are required in order for your speaker(s) to be perfectly audible. This package therefore includes two wireless headset microphones. This allows the speakers to move freely through the studio without compromising sound quality. Need more or another type of microphone? No problem. Reverb, lavalier, clip-on or table microphones are all options!

Besides perfect, crystal-clear audio, you also want the speakers to look vibrant on screen- and we can make that a reality for you. All our studio packages come with a complete set of basic lighting, from soft panels to fresnels. Everything you need to create the perfect backdrop for the cameras is included in this package.

Would you like to know more about the audiovisual tech in our studio, the possibilities for your livestream, or do you want advice on an issue you have come across? Please feel free to contact us without any obligations. Our live stream experts will be happy to assist you.


Décor is an essential part of any studio. The decor provides the atmosphere and appearance of your online event. In this studio, we use a SuperWall made of panels from ATOMIC Modular Systems. This is a unique concept that has a very dynamic look based on different designs. This decor gives you the opportunity, in combination with LED lighting, to create exactly look you need. The decor can be illuminated from both the inside and the outside, so that you can create the exact atmosphere you think will suit your online event. This is possible because the lighting is fully adjustable and can be set to any desired color. RGB, HEX or RAL. We make sure that the lighting exactly matches the colors of your company or event.

The SuperWall in this studio is 5.70 meters wide and 2.85 meters high. Do you want to customize or further personalize the decor? Check out our add-ons to adding custom decor panels.


When you clicked on this option, you probably saw that we offer multiple packages. Do you think that this package best suit your needs, but are there still a few details you would prefer to alter? No problem. We can adjust the package completely, so it exactly meets your needs.

On our add-ons page you will find the most frequently added items. These include things like an extra camera, technology for including in a remote speaker, or an additional TV screen for the decor of the livestream studio.

Livestream Platform

How should I make my livestream available to my viewers? This may be a common question, but it’s not a straightforward one. The choice you make depends on the look and feel of your live stream, but also on the technical possibilities of the platform. There are many platforms that will be suitable in varying degrees depending on the purpose of your online event. If you only want to stream information, you can consider platforms like YouTube or Facebook. However, these often give your stream a public and informal character, which may not always desirable. Vimeo is a good option, as livestreams can be protected and even secured with a password.

Do you not only want to send information but also receive it from the participants, for example by getting them to join the broadcast and ask questions? Then you can use online meeting software, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex or Skype. These platforms provide a more private character and more formal atmosphere. These platforms are ideal for business meetings or presentations.

“We can tailor our livestreams entirely to your needs and broadcast them via various platforms. In this way, your online event will always be a good fit with the image you want to create. These costs are not yet included in the total price.”


Since we use the hotel facilities for the placement of our studios, we can also make use of their hospitality. This doesn’t only mean that we can provide the best possible hospitality. It also means that the catering is excellent. A standard 4-hour coffee & tea package is included in the rental of a livestream studio. This means that 10 people can be provided with unlimited coffee, tea and mineral water for four hours.

No time to lose during your production, or do you simply want to relax? It’s nice to know that you can also have lunch and dinner at our studio location. No need to pick it up or order takeaway. You are always ensured a high quality lunch and/or dinner.


You probably already noticed it when you opened this page: our price starts at €3950,- excl. VAT for the entire studio including coffee & tea arrangement. There may be small price differences due to the choice of a particular location. Do you already have a clear idea of the location, the studio and any other additions you would like to have for your online event? Then we will be happy to make you a personal offer, so you know exactly where you stand.

Still unsure, or would you like some advice on an addition you might want for your specific situation? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you free of charge.

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