Livestream Studio 2

This is the most frequently booked livestream studio in our selection. It comes with everything you need for your online event, videocast, staff meeting or product launch. It has a wonderfully dynamic décor, sublime video support, atmosphere enhancing lighting and professional technicians. This is all part of this wonderful studio.

On top of all this, you will also get some extras. These include a full hospitality arrangement. Below you will find more information about what you can expect when booking this livestream studio, as well as what kinds of extras you can add to the package to make sure that the studio is a perfect fit for you.


This studio comes with 3 cameras. A video tech can control this from off stage. Left, right, up, down- it’s all possible. As the video tech can control all cameras directly, you will need fewer staff, which in turn has a positive effect on the price. The video tech can do more than just control the cameras; they will also be able to include a PowerPoint of KeyNote presentation in the live stream. This package includes several essentials, which will make the presenter’s life a lot easier, including a presentation clicker and a video monitor.

Of course, audio is also of great importance for your live stream. It is the basis of every event, both online or offline. The studio comes with high quality headset microphones. These allow the speakers to have full freedom of movement, without sacrificing audio quality. Would you prefer another type of microphone? No problem. We are happy to be able to provide you with lavalier, clip-on, or table microphones.

Even though you may not notice it at first, lighting is actually essential when you wish to create an atmospheric studio and high-quality images. You actually only see it when you turn off the lights, which we of course do not do. In order to create the best results, the décor comes with the necessary mood lighting. In order to produce the best images, you will find a complete package of soft panels and fresnels in the studio. These will help you to create an attractive live stream.

Do you have specific questions about any part of the audio, light or video tech of our live stream studio? Contact us! Our experts are happy to help.


Why is this the most popular studio? This is largely due to its fantastic décor. This includes a centrally located back wall combined with four pillars. This creates depth in the camera shots which makes images shot in this live stream studio much more dynamic.

The décor is comprised of panels from ATOMIC Modular Systems. This special system offers the possibility to create new and unique designs by switching panels. This décor, unlike wooden decors, is also completely zero-waste. The panels can be reused time and time again, making trash a thing of the past.

ATOMIC Modular System’s panels really come to life when used in combination with the right lighting. By illuminating the central back wall and the pillars, you can create a unique ambiance, as seen in the photos. Do you want to match your décor to the in-house colours of your company or the theme of the online event? We can set up the lighting to make it do just that. RGB, HEX or RAL colours- they’re all possible.

The central back SuperWall is 2,85 metres wide and 2,85 metres high. The pillars are 0,57 wide/deep and are 2,28 and 1,71 metres high respectively. Do you want your logo on the back wall or pillars? Add this add-on to your package.


All of our studios are ready to use and include all kinds of audiovisual tech. However, you may want to use this live stream studio for a very specific purpose or you may simply want to add a specific element to your webinar. No worries. In these cases it’s very likely that you will find what you need on our add-ones page. This page includes things like an autocue or a countdown clock for the speakers, but also things like a camera slider for extra dynamic images.

Live stream Platform

Now that we’ve mentioned all the tech you will need to create the live stream, it’s time to talk about the platform. In other words, how do you want your viewers to view your livestream? Depending on the character of the online event and the types of communication, certain platforms are more or less suitable.

Is your livestream only going to involve one-way communication? Do you only want to stream information? Then many platforms will suit your needs just fine. Well-known providers like YouTube and Facebook will even do the trick. However, these platforms don’t always fit the image of the online event. In that case, you can also use Vimeo. This platform allows you to hide the stream or even secure it using a password. This allows you to adjust everything according to your in-house style and you can even integrate the live stream into your own website.

Do you not only want to stream information, but also receive it, for example by letting your audience ask questions or take part in polls? Then we would suggest using a different platform. We would recommend an online meeting platform such as Microsoft Team, Zoom, Webex or Skype. These platforms also create a more formal atmosphere than the platforms we named earlier.

‘We can alter our live stream completely according to your wishes and host it on a platform of your choice. This allows us to make sure that your online event has exactly the atmosphere you desire. The costs of the platform aren’t included in the price of this package.’


Since our live stream studios are located in renowned hotels, we can make use of all of the facilities that these locations have to offer. This is great news, because how nice is it to know that all of the hospitality and catering is well taken care of? When you reserve a live stream studio, your package will include a 4 hour long coffee, tea and mineral water package for 10 people. We can of course adjust this arrangement according to your wishes. This can include changing the number of people, adding an all-inclusive lunch or dinner, or even things like providing covered parking spots at the studio location. Is your live stream taking place in the evening? Would you like to be at the studio location early in the morning? Then we can even book a hotel room for you.


We can offer this live stream studio starting from €5450- excl. VAT. Depending on your choice of location and desired add-ons, there may be some small fluctuations in price. Do you already know which location and add-ons you wish to use? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary price quote. Then you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Want advice about your specific situation? Please contact us. We will be glad to help you find the right solutions for your online event. Our project managers are ready to help.

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