Livestream Studio 3

Do you want something all-inclusive? Go for our most comprehensive package. You can’t wish for more- everything has been thought of. Nothing will stand in the way of you creating a beautiful, professional looking online event. It comes with a gorgeous décor, atmospheric lighting, innovative video technology and various professional technicians. This studio is ready for the live stream of your dreams.

But that’s not all! This package includes not only this fantastic studio and outstanding audiovisual tech, but also a complete hospitality arrangement. Do you want to know more about all of the possibilities offered by this studio? Read on and find out whether it’s for you.

Video Technology

This studio includes 4 cameras. These are controlled remotely by a video tech using a special control panel. This allows a single video tech to control multiple cameras simultaneously. Hiring one person for each camera is a thing of the past. This means that fewer staff are needed in the studio, which results in a lower overall price.

On top of the video tech, who will be controlling the cameras, there will also a be a switch technician present in the studio. This professional will take care of switching between the various cameras, PowerPoint presentations and video instarts. This studio also comes with all of the video technology you’ll need for displaying up and downstream keyers. This is a complicated term for everything that makes your live stream more professional. This includes things like displaying a logo in the top left or right of your screen, displaying title bars for speakers or a ticker, which is often seen on news channels. Nothing is out of the question! Just like our other studio packages, this package comes with all kinds of things to make presenting easier. This includes a clicker and monitor for the speaker(s).

Audio & Lighting

You might not think so right away, but audio is even more important than video. Audio is, after all, the basis of every stream or event. Without good quality audio, your audience’s experience will be much less enjoyable. Luckily, this studio comes with the very best in audio tech. This studio comes standard with six wireless headset microphones. This allows the speakers to move freely throughout the studio without sacrificing sound quality. Would you prefer another type of microphone or would you like a different number? No problem, anything is possible.

We’ve covered all aspects of tech except one. You got it- the lighting! Lighting is absolutely essential for the quality of your live stream, webinar or online conference. All of our studio packages come with a wide array of basic lighting. From soft panels to fresnels. Everything you need to film your live stream as beautifully as possible is included.

Do you have questions about the audiovisual tech in this studio? The technical possibilities for your needs or would you simply like help or advice regarding a specific question? Feel free to contact us. Our live stream experts are more than happy to help you.


There’s another aspect of your live stream which really should not be underestimated when it comes to how you come across- the décor. We make use of ATOMIC Modular Systems in all of our studios. This is a unique concept that makes use of various reusable panels which give your studio its own personal image.

The décor in this studio consists of a trio of SuperWalls. The centrally placed SuperWall is 5,70 metres wide and 2,85 metres high. The outer walls are 1,70 metres wide.

The panels really come to life with the proper lighting. This lighting is placed inside as well as in front of the walls, allowing you to always be able to create the right look. This lighting can be set to any colour you desire, allowing you to illuminate the décor in the colours of your company or event. Send us the RGB, HEX or RAL colour(s) and we will take care of the rest.

Do you want to personalize your décor even more than just the lighting? We can sticker your panels or even develop new panels with a cross section of your logo. Have a look at our add-ons to add custom décor panels.


When you clicked on this package, you already made the choice to go for a complete package. This is a good choice, because technically everything will be perfectly taken care of. However, you might have some small details you’d like to change. Maybe there are certain items which would make your event really come to life.

You can see our most chosen extras on our add-ons page. These include things such as an autocue for the presenter or a pulpit for more formal presentations.

Live stream Platform

Not only the audiovisual tech and décor have an impact on how your audience experiences your event. You must also think of the platform on which the live stream or online event will be made available. We don’t make use of one specific partner, because we believe that the platform also needs to fit with your needs and wishes. By asking a few questions, we hope to be able to steer you in the right direction with regards to the hosting of your online event. Is the communication one way or two way? Is it a formal or informal event? Where do you want your audience members to be able to view the stream? These are all questions which will allow us to provide you with good advice.

‘We can alter our live stream completely according to your wishes and host it on a platform of your choice. This allows us to make sure that your online event has exactly the atmosphere you desire. The costs of the platform aren’t included in the price of this package.’


Because our studios are in hotels, we are also able to make use of all of the advantageous facilities that these locations offer. These aren’t studios in out of the way industrial parks or concrete bunkers. They offer all of the hospitality that you can expect in a prime location. A pleasant and inspiring location with all of the conveniences of superior facilities and catering. What more could you possibly want? This package includes 4 hours of coffee, tea and mineral water for 10 people.

‘’You can of course alter the duration of the package or increase the number of people. We also offer the possibility for a fully catered lunch or dinner on location. No hassle heating up a meal or getting a takeaway. When we say a fully catered lunch and/or dinner, we mean only the highest quality food and beverages.


You can have all of this for just €7450,- excl. VAT. A complete studio with all of your technological needs, including a 4 hour coffee and tea package. Some things may vary slightly depending on your choice of a specific location. Do you already know which studio, which location and which add-ons you wish to make use of? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to talk to you and provide you with a price estimate for your specific project. This will ensure that you know exactly what to expect- nobody likes nasty surprises!

Do you have any questions about all of this information, or would you like some advice about a specific item needed for your live stream? We are more than happy to provide you with personalised advice. Please contact us using the contact form below. You are also welcome to email or call us.

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